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Pleasure Beach Arena, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1EZ


Hydroblading® class

We are delighted to announce our innovative and exciting class at Pleasure Beach Ice Arena, Blackpool is back.

Benefits of Hydroblading®: ability of deep edge control, strengthening whilst having the ultimate fun on ice the class uses tools which enables the skater to perform very tricky edge work and flexibility which strengthens the core muscles, the legs and upper body all at once.

Hydroblading® was made popular by World Champions Shae-Lynn Bourne and Viktor Kraatz who were taught by the pioneer in Hydroblading® Uschi Keszler.

Oscar Peter also trained with Uschi in the USA and Uschis incredible innovative class was part of Oscars daily training regime.

Oscar Peter is now bringing this incredible class to Pleasure Beach Ice Arena.

Interpretive skating involves being completely innovative and expressive on the ice. Expression and artistry are an integral part of figure skating. All figure skaters must have rhythm and style. Interpretive dance can be brought to the ice and is something all skaters will massively benefit from. In this class with Oscar and Katie, skaters will be able to learn and release their artistry in all forms.

From listening, understanding and feeling pieces of music and also different styles of music from Classical to Rock and everything in between. This class will enable skaters to feel completely uninhibited confident and free to develop their own signature styles.

Hydroblading® class

every Saturday 6:15 – 7:15 pm

Class to comprise 60 min Hydroblading®. Please be aware number of participants are limited.

All participants must be Nisa level 2 fm or above to take.

More Information at the Box office or call 01253 341707, mailto [email protected]