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Pleasure Beach Arena, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1EZ

Skate UK - Skate Tots

NISA Skate UK – Skate Tots
This programme is aimed at skaters aged 5 years and younger. The fundamentals acquired once Skate 
Tots is completed, will enable the skater to progress into the NISA Skate UK Levels 1-8 basic skills 

Level 1:

  1.  Sit down and stand up (off ice)
  2.  Walk forward ten steps in skates (off ice)
  3.  March on spot (on ice)
  4.  Little man on spot (on ice)

Level 2:

  1.  March forwards ten steps on the ice
  2.  Sit and stand on the ice with help
  3.  March around on the spot in both directions
  4.  March forwards ten steps and two foot glide

Level 3:

  1.  March forwards and little man
  2.  March backwards 5 steps
  3.  Sit and stand on the ice independently
  4.  March forwards and touch head, shoulders, knees and toes whilst gliding

Level 4:

  1.  March forwards the full width of the rink
  2.  March forwards halfway and complete a half turn marching and then march backwards to 
  3. the barrier
  4.  March forwards ten steps and three forward Lemons
  5.  Two foot jump standing still (from little man position)