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Pleasure Beach Arena, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1EZ

Skate UK Star- Free Skating


  1.  Forwards and backwards Crossovers in a figure of eight
  2.  Forward outside Spiral on a curve (Left and right)
  3.  Spin on one foot (Min 4 revs) optional entry and exit
  4.  Waltz jump from four- five backwards crossovers
  5.  Bunny hop into a Drag


  1.  Single Salchow
  2.  Spin on one foot (Min 4 revs) Entry from backwards crossovers stepping onto a forwards outside edge and landing position on exit
  3.  Backward Spiral on a curve (left and right)
  4.  Backwards Crossovers around a circle into an extended landed position held for the count of 
  5. three (left and right)
  6.  Teapot on either foot (forwards or backwards)



  1.  Backwards outside one foot spin (min 1 rev)
  2.  Single Toe-Loop (with correct take off- not a toe three jump)
  3.  Spiral sequence: Forward outside Spiral, forward outside Three Turn, three backwards
    Crossovers, backward inside Spiral (Spirals held for 3 seconds) performed clockwise and anti-clockwise
  4.  A simple step sequence: Must contain Three Turns, Mohawks, Chasses, Cross rolls, Toe steps- these can be performed on any edges both forwards or backwards
  5.  Combination of skating movement; jumps, spins, edges in a short routine with or without music (max 1min 30sec)